Overview: HUG, KISS, LAF

… Loving, accepting and forgiving really is the simplest thing we can all do, and it really works. All this journey is, is learning how to do that in any situation and in every situation within ourselves, not out here. It doesn’t matter the outer situations, what matters is what’s going on inside on the inner environment with the outer environment. That’s what makes the difference. When we can really move into loving and acceptance and get free inside, it’s going to reflect into the world and when it reflects into the world from a place of loving and acceptance, guess what, the outer situations will actually eventually change.

Brian Yeakey, Keeping Ourselves Open, 02/15/2015

Self-Study is an understanding of the self and it often isn’t found in books; it’s found within yourself; it’s found within your daily experience, and it’s coming to the understanding of what that daily experience is.

Jim Gordon, The Threefold Path, 08/26/2003

The Threefold Path back to the Realms of Soul and Above: Meditation, Study, and Service

It has long been taught that there are three major pathways to the knowing of God. These are the path of meditation, the path of study, and the path of service. When one is ready to actively pursue their spiritual growth by traveling The Path of Sound and Light, he or she will work with all three, as follows.

The first major pathway to the knowing of God is the path of meditation. This is the path of inward journey. It is the active pursuit of the Spirit within by spending time each day in communion with God through meditation. ILM is dedicated to teaching spiritual awakening through an inner practice of meditation known as “The Path of Sound and Light”, “The Path of The Holy Spirit”, “The Path of Love”, or simply as “The Path” or “The Way”. ILM offers initiation into this meditation practice, under the guidance of a living teacher, enabling one to fully experience this inner journey of awakening.

The path of study involves the active participation in learning about God. It involves opening our eyes, opening our minds and opening our hearts to an ever greater awareness of God, His presence, His principles and His ongoing Self-expression.

The path of service is the path of actively living the principles of Spirit by giving loving assistance to self and others.


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