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Jim Gordon is President and Founder of Inner Light Ministries. Jim has served as ILM’s spiritual teacher for many years, and as an anchor point for sharing the Path of Sound and Light through ILM, his teachings have created the foundation of ILM’s focus in the world. He now supports Brian Yeakey as the spiritual teacher for ILM.

Jim has been spiritually aware since the age of five. At that time Jim began to realize that his inner vision and his understanding of the things around him were different from others. His awareness of Spirit and its action in the world led him on a great search for understanding and clarity of God and the inner Spiritual Realms.

At the age of 18 Jim was asked by the Holy Spirit to begin being of service in the world. The service action that came forward was to share with those who showed interest about God, Spirit and the inner realms. Jim’s sharing and counseling sessions have taken him around the world. His compassion and loving has been the hallmark of his spiritual service.

In 1999, Jim began a new action of service as directed by the Holy Spirit. After years of sharing about The Path of Sound and Light, Jim began to initiate people into this inner meditation practice. In this way his service in alignment with the Holy Spirit has expanded and has reshaped into today’s spiritual action of Inner Light Ministries: teaching and initiating into The Path of Sound and Light.


Brian Yeakey is the Vice President and Spiritual Director of Inner Light Ministries and an ordained ILM minister. As successor to Jim Gordon, Brian serves as ILM’s Spiritual Teacher, sharing the Path of Sound and Light and initiating people into the meditation practice with the Sacred Name of God. As the Spiritual Director, Brian is responsible for ILM’s overall Mission and Purpose, as well as overseeing ILM’s Ministerial Program.

He has been a long-time student of mystical teachings and holds a Master’s degree in Theology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Through his loving devotion and dedication to the Spirit within all, Brian shares from his own experience of spiritual awakening on The Path of Sound and Light. With humor and compassion he assists others in finding the loving essence of the Spirit within.


Kelsie Mc Sherry is ILM’s Executive Administrator, an ordained ILM Minister, and the Hawaii Area Coordinator. Kelsie creates, coordinates, and facilitates ILM classes, workshops, and retreats using ILM’s teachings and practices. Through spiritual counseling, Kelsie assists people in working with ILM’s teachings, LAF, and utilizing ILM’s LAF Workbook and Meditation Journal.

In the classes and counseling Kelsie offers, she shares her personal experiences of using the tools of meditation and LAF: Loving, Acceptance, and Forgiveness, that others might be inspired to find their way in waking up and knowing their oneness with God, and to ‘Live the Loving’ in their daily lives.

Kelsie majored in Elementary Education and taught in Thailand and South Africa. She has studied and practiced meditation from the Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian traditions for sixteen years. After teaching meditation for over a decade to both adults and children, Kelsie found the Path of Sound and Light through Inner Light Ministries, and has been walking this path ever since.


Tonya Toth is ILM’s Administrative Assistant. She resides in Austin, Texas, and is married with one daughter.

In supporting the staff and the ILM community as a whole, Tonya assists with the administration of ILM’s day to day logistics, monthly classes, and retreats. Her enthusiasm for Spirit and love for people brings a warm welcome to all, new and members alike, in ILM.

Her love of service and dedication to her own personal and spiritual growth is what led her to this Path of Sound and Light through Inner Light Ministries.

Before coming to ILM, Tonya spent twenty six years working in the medical field. In addition to her medical experience, Tonya has been of service by volunteering for ILM,  Hospice, Assisted Living facilities, soup kitchens, and woman shelters.

Tonya brings her experience, knowledge, compassion and fun nature to work everyday, creating a loving working environment.


Henry De La O is ILM’s Comptroller, and an ordained ILM Minister based in Austin, Texas. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Master’s degree in Theology, and has completed the Doctorate program in Theology ABD (all but the dissertation). Henry has pursued a spiritual life since boyhood; he has been spiritually focused on the Path of Sound and Light for over twenty years.

Henry has been an accountant since the 70’s and has been working as ILM’s Financial Administrator responsible for all accounting, record keeping, and financial reporting since January of 2011. His keen organizational skills and love of numbers keeps everything in the office running smoothly.


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