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Inner Light Ministries Guidelines for Initiation and Initiates
Inner Light Ministries (ILM) offers Initiation into the meditation practice of “The Path of Sound and Light.” This path is an inner journey of spiritual awakening to the knowing of your true self as Soul.

Guidelines for Initiation and Initiates


The Sound Current is the ‘audible life stream’ of which is the Holy Spirit and living presence of God. It is the ultimate substance of all Creation … The Holy Spirit has light; in addition to light, this energy current also has its own characteristic sound, which we can learn to hear within us … A spiritual teacher initiates selected students into the meditative tradition and spiritual chakra or level they have mastered. They then serve as wayshowers who can literally take their students to that level and guide them towards their own eventual mastery of that level … Sound Current teachers teach their students a meditative technique that will assist them to focus at the spiritual eye center, the ‘third eye’, which is the Seat of the Soul in the physical body and the doorway into the higher realms … Once we are initiated into the Sound Current, it will draw us upward (in meditation) through and beyond the lower realms into its own origin in the Spiritual Realms—in the very Heart of God.

–Jim Gordon The Staff of the Shepherd


For those interested in becoming initiated into The Path of Sound and Light, the following materials and events are suggested in order to understand this spiritual path and to familiarize oneself with Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey, and with ILM:

  1. Register on ilm.org to study ILM and Its teachings by listening to the talks, meditations, and watching the live video broadcasts;
  2. ILM books, The Staff of the Shepherd, Love and Loving, and The Knowing of God, by Jim Gordon (and others as they become available);
  3. ILM audio recordings and CDs: The Path of Sound and Light; Understanding the Inner Pathway; A Simple Way The Path of ILM; and Keys of Initiation by Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey (and other tapes/CDs on initiation as they become available);
  4. ILM newsletters;
  5. Attendance at live ILM lectures, classes, workshops, and retreats.

Initiation is about awakening beyond this realm of illusion, beyond this realm of time and space, to the Spirit of Loving within yourself. As you awaken to that Spirit of Loving within yourself, you will awaken to the Loving in all things, in all creation, and into the Realms of pure Spirit—awakening to the fullness of God directly. That is the greater journey that we move into and experience through initiation in the Path of Sound and Light.

– Brian Yeakey

  1. If, after studying about The Path of Sound and Light and ILM, a person wishes to become initiated by Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey, the following is asked: Write a “Letter of Intention” to Jim and Brian, stating one’s desire for initiation, and affirming one’s understanding of the practices for ILM initiation and one’s willingness to follow these practices. Email the letter to info@ilm.org, or you can send the letter to Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey at Inner Light Ministries, A Path of Sound and Light. 2121 Lohmans Crossing Road, Suite 504-303, Austin, Texas 78734. 512-306-1056. ILM will answer the letter, confirming that the person is ‘on the path’ to ILM initiation, and confirming the instructions on what to do next.
  2. Spend one year further studying ILM materials and attending ILM events when possible; also spend the year practicing the following:



ILM applicants are asked to practice the following:

  1. A regular, daily, period of meditation, following the directions in the Meditation for the ILM Applicant.
  2. Abstaining from alcoholic drinks and recreational drugs. The reason for this abstinence is that ‘alcohol and drugs’ inhibit one’s inner awareness and growth. Note: prescription drugs taken under the direction of a medical doctor are acceptable.



After the year is completed, applicants are asked to write a second letter to Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey asking for initiation, and confirming the fulfillment of the “Practices for ILM Applicants.” After the applicant writes their ‘second letter’ asking for initiation, ILM will contact the person, confirming that the person is ready for initiation, and will set up an initiation time and place.



Again, from the ILM book, The Staff of the Shepherd: “Individual teachers will usually establish a particular set of guidelines for their students to follow in their daily living in the world. And before a student is formally accepted as an initiate, he or she must be willing to take on the ‘discipline’ of that teacher. Some teachers may require specific dietary practices, certain standards of moral conduct, and/or the study of prescribed written or taped materials. Many will require a defined routine for daily prayer and meditation. Before being accepted as an initiate, the student may be asked to follow these disciplines for a certain period of time, and to demonstrate both a readiness and a willingness to commit to this path and this teacher.” The following Practices are asked of Initiates in Inner Light Ministries:

  1. To perform the meditation prescribed at initiation, daily, for 2 1/2 hours each day (that is, 1/10th of the day). An initiate may gradually work up to this daily meditation time. Also, the daily meditation may be broken up into more than one period. However, the goal is for one period of 2 1/2 hours of meditation a day. The meditation may be done during any time of the day; however, early morning is suggested as this is the part of the day when the world, and one’s mind, are quietest. Note: One is not required to meditate 2 1/2 hours a day in order to be initiated.
  2. To abstain from alcoholic drinks and recreational drugs. Note: prescription drugs taken under the direction of a medical doctor are acceptable.

Also, it is recommended that the initiate keep a daily ‘meditation journal’ for his or her own personal use (not to be sent to Jim or Brian). This can help the initiate become more spiritually aware and awake. This pathway will take you through the illusion and into the Truth. You will wake up in the knowing of who you are as Soul – you will meet your Soul, you will know yourself as Soul. In that embodiment of Soul, you will then travel upward into the Realms of Spirit and there worship God in the Spirit, as God is Spirit. The loving, the joy, the peace, the bliss that is in that is beyond anything that you can put into words.

– Jim Gordon


(For those who have written a “Letter of Intention” to Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey for initiation.) The daily period of meditation asked of ILM initiates is 2 1/2 hours. Since this is a fairly lengthy period of time, Jim and Brian ask that, during the year leading up to initiation, applicants practice a daily period of meditation as follows:

  1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position, in a quiet place without distractions. Close your eyes, and focus your attention into the spiritual eye center, which is located in the center of the head and above the eyebrows.
  2. Chant, either silently or aloud, the word, “Hu,” or the phrase, “Ani-Hu,” repeatedly. Hold this focus at the spiritual eye center while chanting (repeatedly) the “Hu” or “Ani-Hu,” as long as possible. If you become distracted, simply bring your focus back to the spiritual eye center and continue chanting.
  3. Throughout the meditation allow yourself to observe and listen to the Spirit within. Repeat this practice daily, increasing the time as the year goes on. For example, one can start out doing as little as 15 minutes a day, then increasing the time by 15 minutes every month. Thus, by the time the ‘second letter’ to Jim and Brian asking for initiation is written, the applicant will have gradually worked up to practicing this meditation for two and a half hours or more a day.



All persons are welcome to share in ILM’s classes, workshops, etc. ILM honors all persons and paths, and does not believe in exerting pressure on anyone to follow ‘our path of initiation’ over any other spiritual pathway. Every and all persons who feel they can find benefit in our programs are invited to come and participate with us! If you want to know more about ILM contact us at: Inner Light Ministries, A Path of Sound and Light. 2121 Lohmans Crossing Road, Suite 504-303, Austin, Texas 78734. 512-306-1056


1Regarding the word, Hu, the modern Sufi, Hazrat Inayat Khan, in his book Mysticism of Sound {California: Hunter House, 1979; chapter 8} says: The Supreme Being has been called by various names in different languages, but the mystics have known him as Hu (Arabic) … The sound hu is most sacred … The mystery of Hu is revealed to the Sufi who journeys through the path of initiation … In English the word human … hu means ‘God’, and man, which comes from the Sanskrit manah, means ‘mind’.

2Regarding the phrase, Ani-Hu: in the Surat Shabd literature, “Anaa Hoo” is referred to as the name of the 5th region, or soul plane (Call of The Great Master, Times of India Press, 1964, P. 168).


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