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Ways of Being

Being Focused on Spirit
Being Open, Honest, and Vulnerable
Being Loving, Accepting, and Forgiving
Being Responsible for Your Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Reactions
Being Compassionate With Yourself and Others
Being Willing To Have Trust & Faith
Being Willing To Participate
Being Willing To Surrender
Being Your Soul Self

…It is important to remember that ILM is here to support the Soul’s inner journey of awakening back into the Heart of God.  ILM is not here to tell people how to live their lives in this world or what outer actions to take, including attending ILM events.  ILM’s outer events are here to assist in giving greater clarity and understanding as to the inner, spiritual journey.  Our wish is for everyone to Live The Loving in everything they do, whether at an ILM event or anywhere in the world!  This is done inwardly within one’s self regardless of what, why, when, or who with.  Please make the inner action of Loving the focus, rather than the outer action of the world. God first and God only!

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