How to Understand God (HUG)

The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.



Monthly Focus Statement of Truth

Take responsibility

Excerpts by Brian Yeakey and Jim Gordon

Brian Yeakey:

There’s always more; there’s always more, to learn, to grow, to know, to experience. I have learned, all I’ve got to do is that real acronym to take responsibility. And I always find all I have to do is engage in things and take action. Then, when I do that, the Loving is always right there. You want the Loving? Take responsibility, engage, and take action in your life– at least your physical life, let alone your spiritual. You do the two together, well, that’s what we’re attempting to do here, in ILM.

Over the years, so many of us have tried to just do the spiritual, thinking that’ll handle the physical. You’ve got to handle all of it. You’ve got to do the spiritual– make God first, and then, as you do, God can enter into your physical so you take responsibility, and engage, and take action with Loving physically as well as in the HU– you bring the HU into the man. In there, is where you’re going to find your fulfillment, and where you will liberate your own soul.

Jim Gordon:

Give time every day to your meditation. Give time every day to take responsibility for your life, for your actions, your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions, everything. Take responsibility that was the second word given to me after judgment. It was to learn about responsibility. And that’s a big one for all of us because we’re ever looking for somebody to do it for us. We’re ever looking for somebody to take it away from us. We’re ever looking to not have to be responsible.

“No, it’s their fault. They did it. They’re doing this to me. I’m not doing it. My mom said this and now I’m angry and I’ve been hurt, and I’m just going to live with the hurt for the rest of my life.” But what did you do with what she said? That’s your responsibility. How have you taken those words, those feelings and put them into reaction or action in your life that either serve you or work against you? Take responsibility.

Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~

  1. Do two and a half hours of daily meditation.
    1. Listen to the guided meditation by Brian Yeakey from REAL Responsibility
  2. Listen to the talks titled: REAL Responsibility, by Brian Yeakey and Jim Gordon
  3. Journal focus for this month ~
    • Write three things that were meaningful to you from Brian and Jim’s talks on taking responsibility.
    • Write about how you will implement these three meaningful things into your daily life; for example, look at how you are taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, actions and reactions?

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