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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.



Monthly Focus Statement of Truth

Take Action

Excerpts by Brian Yeakey and Jim Gordon

Brian Yeakey:

All we need to do is focus into the present, the Living Word, and meditate upon that.

How do we meditate upon that? We look for the inner light of the Radiant Form and hold our attention upon that. And the more we do, the more it envelops us and fills us. And the more that it dissolves all the attachments by fulfilling the lessons, and then the more we get free from all those attachments, literally the Radiant Form will begin to lift the soul out of the body. Lift it; literally carry the soul out of the body up that River of Loving, that stream of Light and Sound, that Purple or Blue Light, the Golden White (Light). Just lift it; just like getting in a river and being carried along. It is literally the same, but it is Light and Sound, the River, that carries the soul through this creation and up above it all. It is so real but we will not know that until we literally do the meditation and experience it directly.

It sounds like a fantasy or a dream. But when you actually experience it directly yourself, you will know how real it is; more real than anything you think is real in the physical world. That’s why a lot of the saints of old they called “crazy, the village idiot, the fool”. Because everything they said sounded crazy, because people not having their own experience did not understand. But did they take the time to understand or did they just place judgment on the village idiot, who was one with God?

So we’ve got to look at what we’re doing. That’s why going back to the key words like Jim was sharing: the judgment and then responsibility. We’ve got to look at what we’re doing. Are we truly listening and open to all possibility with God? “All things are possible” Or do we have preconceived judgements, prejudices, and beliefs that limit that because of all the walls of protections we build over all the wars we’ve been in within ourselves and with others? What are we doing inside in taking responsibility to remove those walls and barriers and limiting belief systems to open back up, to give ourselves the opportunity to really begin to see and experience the Truth that really is out there as well as in here? But we won’t even see what’s out there until we begin to allow ourselves to see what is in here.

And that’s the biggest challenge of all because we are often too scared to even look at ourselves because of all the judgements and fears we have created about ourselves. Therein lies why we work with the LAF: Loving, Accepting, and Forgiving. Until we do that inner self-healing work, it’s going to be hard to see beyond our own walls. That’s where the homework is – when we do enough homework, enough walls drop away, and where now, literally, the Holy Spirit can come in and really now begin to lift us beyond it, so we truly get that higher perspective.

Jim Gordon:

Action truly is a movement of the Divinity within you, of being ever active and in Oneness with that flow of the Divine within yourself, to be in that movement of Loving. And that’s the important factor here, that we as souls are ever looking for: that Loving, that Oneness, that harmony, that expression, that peace, that movement of liberation. Action can lead us into freedom. Where reaction creates a greater bond into separation and bondage; bondage into this creation, bondage into this realm of separation from the truth, action will take you into the truth itself. So begin to pay attention in your daily life – Where are you taking action in your life? And where are you going into reaction? You would think it’s very obvious, but you’ll be surprised if you really begin to pay attention to how many times a day you’re living in reaction, you’re moving in reaction, you’re letting other people’s reactions stimulate your reaction. And you might even take rejoice in how you can go into reaction and cause everybody else to go into reaction, “Wow, that feels good. I’ve got them right where I want them, in the same pain and separation from the self that I’m in, now we’re all in it together. That makes me feel so much better.”

Well, there are people that do that every day. How many times a day do you live in action? Do you choose to be in action? Do you take action in your daily life? Well, taking action has a great movement of Spirit within it and it takes us onto the avenue where responsibility and judgment reside. When you’re taking action you’re not going to be in judgment. When you’re taking action you are going to take responsibility. You’re going to take responsibility for your thoughts and your feelings, your actions and your reactions – just like we talk about so much here. And that’s really important; to take responsibility for ourselves and what we do with our own Beingness. We are a Soul. We are a child of God. We are that Living Loving Essence of God in this creation and in all of creation. We are that Living Loving Essence of God. And it is for us to stop, to pay attention, to wake up to that Truth and to begin to live that Truth on a daily basis.

And one of the things that truly shows and demonstrates the quality of the soul, is taking action. Loving is an action. Forgiveness is an action. Responsibility is an action. Moving into your life and being creative, productive, is an action. Being caring and reaching out and being empathetic, not sympathetic but empathetic with others, is an action of the soul.

And when we can begin to live in that quality of action, of the truth of who we really are as the Living Loving Essence of God, we truly begin to move in a very different way in our life. We find peace, we find joy, we find a harmony inside of ourselves, and we find so much more.

Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~

  1. Do two and a half hours of daily meditation.
    1. Listen to the guided meditation by Brian Yeakey from Understanding God Through Action
  2. Listen to the talks titled: Understanding God Through Action, by Brian Yeakey and Jim Gordon
  3. Journal focus for this month ~
    1. Look at what you’re doing to walk this Path, and ask yourself these questions: “Why do I want to do this? Why am I here? What is it I’m wanting to learn? Why do I want to learn?
      • Brian says, “That “why?” is your inspiration. That “why?” is your aspiration. Because without it you’re not going to take the actions. You’re not going to be motivated. You’re not going to care. So maybe start with that and ask yourself “why?”
    2. Write down your WHY!
    3. Reflect on and contemplate: Where am I taking action in my life? Where am I going into reaction?
    4. Write down how you can turn your reaction into action – with Loving, Acceptance, and Forgiveness.

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