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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.

June 2016 — Into The Soul Realm Through The Action Of The Holy Spirit

By Brian Yeakey

Monthly Focus~

Let Go, Let God

…Look for the purple light, be open to the feelings of peace, trust that inner knowing…It’s time you start really honoring that, and honoring yourself…that’s how you really do let go, and then that gives God the opportunity to now really Love you Home.

Full Excerpt~

That violet ray of the Holy Spirit is the action that now liberates the soul by carrying the soul out of the physical now, and through the astral, through the causal, through the mental and the etheric realms, and right into the Soul Realm. That violet ray, that River of Loving, is that upwards action that is the direct extension of God’s Loving for each one of you, and every soul that God created. But God’s given us the freedom of choice; the freedom to make choices and learn from our choices. But there will come a day when you, and anybody else, will make that choice to step into that violet ray and learn to surrender and truly to give yourself fully to God, so that now God can carry you Home through that Radiant Form, that violet light. And there’s always a sound; always a sound that is with the light. That’s why it’s called the Path of Sound and Light. Most of us will see the Light before we hear the Sound. It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry if you’re not seeing or hearing. That’s why I talk about the feeling and the knowing. You’ve got to go with whatever’s there, and allow yourself to start to wake up. If you focus on the Sacred Name, and you’re making an effort in meditation, just know you’re allowing that grace in; you’re participating, you’re doing the work. Give yourself some credit for that. Stop being so hard on yourself thinking you’re not doing enough; you’re not doing it right. If you’re making an effort, you’re doing it right. And you’ll learn over time, what is doing enough. You’ll know when you’re doing enough, and when you’re not. Pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to that inner knowing that says, “Okay, we need to pick it up a little. Okay, we need to back off a little. Okay, we need to take some time and spend that with God. Okay, it’s time to focus on neutrality, rather than trying to get my way through my reactions all the time.” That’s all reaction is, is trying to get our way. And that’s alright, because we’re going to learn through that. But at some point we’re going to realize we need to give up our way and surrender to God’s way.

And so I’m trying to answer that question, “Well what is it to surrender to God’s way?” Well in meditation this is what it looks like: that purple light. That’s why I’m describing it, because inwardly, spiritually, it can all be seen and heard and experienced; and it’s more real than what it seems like, right here, in the physical world. We’ve just got to take the time, put in the focus, to wake up and see and know that. Believe me, when you see and know it, at some point, you’re going to want to get in it, because at some point you’re going to say, “I’ve had enough of the other. I want to know what happens when I surrender and get in that purple light and let that River of Loving, that Hand of God carry me now, out of the body and through these other realms that we speak of.” It’s one thing to have a thought. It’s another thing to travel through the mental realm, through all of your thoughts that you have in the body…well it’s another thing to travel through them – out of body. It gets pretty wild. It’s a pretty wild ride. It’s pretty cool though, and believe me, when you have the experience of flying and that Holy Spirit is lifting you up and you know it, because you’re conscious and awake to the action, talk about an experience of liberation and freedom – and that’s just through the other realms, not even into the Realms of Spirit yet. You’ll start to realize how liberating that action of the Holy Spirit really is. Sometimes it may even feel overwhelming with all the Love and Grace you experience. That’s pretty nice. It’s pretty nice to have all that movement, just right here (at the seat of the soul) in the physical consciousness, but I’ll tell you what, it’s a lot nicer experiencing it out of the physical consciousness.

So today I encourage you to make a little more effort or leap of faith – to go for the out of body experience; to go for the spiritual experience; to go through that doorway and into that action of the Holy Spirit that does liberate the soul. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s why we don’t take all the time to go through a lot of metaphysical things, because all that does is distract our attention and if we spend a lot of time on those distractions – as amazing as they are, believe me I’ve spent years in a lot of that, and it’s fascinating, and it can be a lot of fun but, ultimately we’ll realize it’s also a distraction from this greater action of liberation. So enjoy it all while you’re participating in it, but you’ll realize at some point, “Okay that was fun for a while, but you know what I want more. I’m ready to take that next step. I’m ready more for that action of liberation now. I really want to know that Loving of who I Am, and that Loving that God Is, and the union that takes place.” And it is that violet light, that movement of the Holy Spirit that does bring the soul into union with God; that does bring the soul Home into that Ocean of Loving that this world is just a reflection of.

It’s so funny, the reflection is so painful at times because of the experience of separation from the Truth. To live in the illusion and the reflection is so painful – and it’s experience of separation from living in the true Ocean of Loving. And that’s what we’re doing here – that action of the Holy Spirit that we’re upon here, is and does with and for the soul, that we would want to do with and for ourselves. We just don’t really know how.

So practice it all. Remember to practice surrendering and giving up your will, and truly inviting God’s will in. And if you want to know, “How do I know if it’s God’s will?” If you see that purple light, or blue, or golden white light, if you feel the sensations, if you experience peace, or joy, or grace, or freedom, it’s happening. It’s happening. That’s God’s will. God’s will is Loving. It’s not necessarily a physical or specific action. That’s why I try to point out the signposts, rather than say, “Here it is!” Well here it is, through the signposts. The challenge is we try to look for some physical experience of what that is. There isn’t. There is not a physical experience of God’s grace, of God’s will. God’s will is Loving – that’s a spiritual action. It’s not a physical one; it’s not a mental one; it’s not an emotional one. But when that Spirit of Grace floods through the mind, emotions, and body we’ll often respond. We’ll feel it. We’ll be aware of it. We’ll be like, “Oh my God!” And you’re like, “Yeah, that’s why I meditate. That’s why I do all this spiritual stuff,” … for those experiences, for those moments, because when we have those, we want to live in them and have more of them. And rightfully so, because we know – the soul, who we really are, know’s that is God’s grace and that’s what we’re now living for.

When you chose to get initiated, or even if you haven’t been and you’re just listening now finding an interest or a pull towards what we share here, that is the soul waking up and knowing and wanting; the soul knowing and wanting, not the body, or the emotions, or the mind – they’re always wanting of the world. The soul truly only wants of the Spirit. There is a difference, and sometimes it takes a while to know what that difference is. And that’s alright. That’s what gets sorted out. That gets sorted out as the soul begins that journey Home to God. It really is just a process of letting go and letting God. Keep it simple. That’s all it is: let go, let God. Let go, let God. And like I said, if you’re not sure what that is, just look for the purple light, be open to the feelings of peace, trust that inner knowing. You’ve heard it all a million times. Well it’s time you start really honoring that, and honoring yourself. When you do that, guess what? Well that’s how you really do let go, and then that gives God the opportunity to now really Love you Home. To Love you Home; to lift you up. To lift you up. It does lift. Loving is always uplifting – true Loving, not love; not love in the world. Loving of Spirit is uplifting. Love in the world creates attachment. That’s not a bad thing, because through attachment we learn and have our experiences. Loving of Spirit liberates us from the attachments of love, so now we begin to have greater experience in the Loving as we learn what love is and to let it go. That’s why we even have a book called, “Love and Loving”. Love and Loving. Most people think they’re the same thing. Not once you start walking this path. You start to learn the difference.

So we’re learning to let go of love, and learning to live the Loving. Loving is the key. We use all these words, but I like to, at times, try to also talk about the inner experiences that are part of that, because that’s often where we have questions of wanting to know, “How do I know? Am I on the right track? Am I doing the right thing?” We all have those questions. My God the first few years of doing this pathway I had so many questions, thinking I was doing it wrong all the time. “Am I getting it right? Am I getting it right? Am I chanting just right? Am I breathing just right? Is my body in just the right position? Am I having the right thoughts?” Oh my God, but that’s alright because we’re learning to focus now through all that wanting to get it right. That’s a good thing actually, because it is helping us to focus. We need to focus in order to wake up. You can’t walk this pathway without focusing. It takes a focus. So learn how to focus – that’s what the meditation is. That’s why, even in the past retreats we’ve done, we’ve done a lot of meditative, contemplative, concentrative exercises to help develop that action of focusing. But the focus is as simple as closing our eyes and focusing up here, at the seat of the soul, and loving God. And that’s what we’re doing with chanting the Name, looking for the inner Light, listening for the inner Sounds, and loving God.

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