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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.


By Brian Yeakey

Monthly Focus~  to do Brian’s guided exercise

“There-in lies the biggest key to set yourself free – is to forgive yourself for judging yourself, let alone to forgive yourself for judging the actual disturbance, but to forgive yourself for judging yourself for going into disturbance.” -Brian Yeakey

To prepare for the monthly focus, here’s a suggestion:

  1. First do the exercise guided by Brian Yeakey before reading the excerpt. In the recording, the guided exercise starts at 00:34:09 just after the meditation and it ends at 00:48:34.
  2. Get a loose piece of paper and a pen/pencil.
  3. Click here for the exercise or under Self Study click on Exercises and Meditations.


Full Excerpt ~ 

In ILM, we’re talking about God, and Spirit, and Soul, and Loving, and Accepting, and Forgiving. So we need to take a different approach than what the world does. The world creates separation out of the judgment and fear. God is Loving and embracing and brings everything into Oneness. So we need to take those actions that move us into Loving and Accepting, Oneness and embracing.

So, if we really want to overcome and get free – it’s not really overcoming, we really are about getting free of all of these things that are of the ego’s nature.

But the freedom, the way that it works, is the approach by which God takes, the approach by which we, as a soul, take. And what we are attempting to do here in ILM is not only learning how to do that, but to actually do it through the actions of meditation, through the actions of Loving, Accepting, and Forgiving, and through simple exercises like what we just did. It literally can be that simple. But we have to really do it. We have to really do it within ourselves so that it works.

So in doing this, we need to approach it as God would with Loving, Acceptance, and Forgiveness.

We have to let go and forgive ourselves – not only of these fears and judgments of the disturbance itself, where we can all say, “I forgive ______”, and fill in the blank whatever this disturbances is, but we’ve got to also understand we are the ones who are in disturbance with whatever the situation or circumstances are.

So, is it really this piece of paper (from the exercise) that we just crumpled up and threw away that we need to be in forgiveness with, or is it really ourselves we need to be in forgiveness with for having reacted and gone into disturbance with these situations?

“Oh…How about that! Forgiving myself for going into disturbance? And not only that, when I go into disturbance, then, how do I judge it? Oh, my God. So now I’ve got to forgive myself for judging not only the disturbance but I’ve got to forgive myself for judging myself for going into disturbance.” That’s right! 

And therein lies the biggest key to set yourself free. I like rhymes. Write this one down on a new piece of paper. “Therein lies the biggest key to set yourself free.” There-in lies the biggest key to set yourself free – is to forgive yourself for judging yourself, let alone to forgive yourself for judging the actual disturbance, but to forgive yourself for judging yourself for going into disturbance.

Therein lies the biggest key to set yourself free.

So, when we’re done with class today, go and redo this exercise. Write out the things that you not only are in disturbance with, like what we just did, but then write out that which you are judging yourself for having gone into disturbance with it. And then to forgive – to do another little blessing ceremony, and giving it up to God, to forgive yourself of those judgments, to forgive yourself for judging yourself, to give that up to God, because that is what truly separates each one of us from that inner knowing, in truth, of who we are as that Divine spark and our Oneness with God.

That is what we’re doing in ILM, by the way, if you don’t realize that yet. What I’m sharing right now is literally a key factor in this action of soul liberation that we teach here. Yes, the main key is focusing on the meditation, on the Sacred Name, on this Path of Light and Sound. But the other big factor, right up behind that, is that big “F” word – no, not, “fuck it, it’s done.” That’s just a funny, crude way of playing around with it. The other big “F” word, “Forgiveness”. 


What did we do? We took that crumpled paper and in that blessing, that prayer that we did, that little ceremony, we gave it up to God. So we are “for-giving” it up to God. And in that “for-giving” it to God, what does God give us back, but Loving. To love us. Why? Well, truly God loves us all the time. But we, in all that we’ve created in our judgments and fears have now separated ourselves from that Loving with God and now are living those things that are the nature of the ego that caused the pain, the disturbance, the hurt, the upsets.

So, in order to open up and receive, to be vulnerable to open to even receive God’s Loving, to even receive our own Loving of self, we have to create the space. We need to take some sort of action, or actions, to open and create the space by which, now, we can receive that Loving. And that is the key to set ourselves free. It doesn’t matter how we do it. What matters is we have some tool or tools by which we can do it

The greatest key, obviously, is the Sacred Name that we teach. And second to that is the LAF and Forgiveness. Because, in truth, doing the Sacred Name and the meditation it really is the Loving and Accepting all in One – really, even Forgiveness, in truth. But sometimes we need to take that next step of truly forgiving ourselves for all those judgments we carry and hold. For in that, is where the separation is. 

So, in letting go of the separation and giving it up we create the space to now receive the Loving. And then, what do we do when we receive the Loving? Well, we do exactly what the name of this monthly class is that you’ve all been doing here with Kelsie. And what is that? Living the Loving! To Live the Loving. Living the Loving – this is what we need to do to Live the Loving to be, to Live the Loving to move into the Being; the Loving. 

And so, here are the keys to set ourselves free.

Why am I sharing this today? Well, mainly because, as soon as we went into meditation I was very aware that there’s hurt and pain that is being carried around by that inner self, that inner child, the basic self. That inner child within all of us has been hurt and disturbed at some point, obviously. Much of it, and most of it, is unconscious to us, but many of us are beginning to become more aware of these inner hurts and disturbances.

But, we can’t just walk around continuing to live that hurt and disturbance. Well, we can, but after a while it gets to be a little bit too excruciating – the pain of it all. Well, isn’t that why you attend these classes, like this Living the Loving class? So that you can begin to not only learn the tools of how to set yourself free, but actually do it, and to take actions. That’s why I wanted to do this to start off today – after the meditation. Meditation is always number one. That is the greatest action we can take. And number two to that is an exercise like we just did of Forgiveness.

We’ve got to take the actions for it to actually happen. “We” have to take the action. It is our responsibility. We as creators are responsible for our thoughts, and feelings, and actions, and reactions. So we need to take the responsible actions now to set ourselves free from all of those past thoughts and feelings that have created the separation and the pain and suffering. 

Hopefully today, in doing this, you realize how simple the process can be and how quick we can do it. It can take just minutes. It can be done in seconds, really. We just took it a little longer to draw it out a little bit and hopefully have a little more impact and thoughtfulness or awareness in the process. I hope you found value in that, or at least it sparked something to realize the simplicity of this Pathway, and the simplicity and the actions you can do to take care of yourself, to help heal that inner child, to let go of the pain and the suffering, and the sadness. 

We don’t have to carry that sadness around with us. We truly can let it go and set ourselves free. We don’t need anybody else to do that for us. In truth, nobody else can. We need to set ourselves free through the choices and the actions we take. And I hope you realize the simplicity in the actions and choices we can make and take. Continue doing that. 

Right during this class, as we keep moving forward, and whatever else I say and Jim has to share and we move into Q&A, do it throughout this class. If you have more things, get out another piece of paper and write it out as it comes up, as we’re literally going through class. Then, at the end of the class, go and do that exercise again. Once you have it all written out, crumple that paper up, do the little blessing prayer of Forgiveness and Loving and Accepting, and give it up to God. Let it go. Let God, let go and literally just go throw it away. Burn, flush or whatever, the paper and whatever you wrote on it. But truly let it go. Do it with intention and purpose and it’ll actually work and have an effect. You just have to do it. 

In the doing it gets done, and in the getting done we move into the One.


Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~

    1. Do two and a half hours of daily meditation.
    2. Listen to the talk from: ILM HAWAII/PACIFIC RIM LIVING THE LOVING CLASS | 07-25-2021 by Brian Yeakey (under Self Study click on Exercises and Meditations)
    3. Listen to the guided meditation by Brian Yeakey from: ILM HAWAII/PACIFIC RIM LIVING THE LOVING CLASS | 07-25-2021 (under Self Study click on Exercises and Meditations)
    4. Journal focus for this month ~ 
      • Write down your experiences, your awarenesses, in doing Brian’s guided exercise.
      • As situations come up in your life where you go into disturbance, can you be in forgiveness with yourself for reacting and being in disturbance with the situation? Write what it is you are forgiving yourself for and any awarenesses you have with being in forgiveness with yourself.
      • What daily actions can you take, with intention and purpose, to Live the Loving? Write what your intention and purpose is for those actions.

Contemplation exercise: Contemplate the following statement by Brian Yeakey:

      • God is Loving and embracing and brings everything into Oneness. So we need to take those actions that move us into Loving and Accepting, Oneness and embracing.

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