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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.



Monthly Focus~

Experience God’s Loving in meditation:

You’ve got to go in and find the Love of your own soul and merge into that Loving of your own soul. Then open and allow God’s Loving in so that you and God experience the union, the Loving once again, the continual movement of Loving, the giving and receiving all the time, as best you can.

Full Excerpt~

One of the major forms of abandonment that we have to deal with is at the spiritual level because a soul who has come into this creation and then begins to experience what this creation has to offer, begins to experience abandonment. This is because one of the major lessons that we come here to learn is about separation; and we are really separated from God down here. We feel separated. We do not feel One. We do not feel His Presence. We feel alone, and lost, and abandoned; and we have to go in and find a way to connect with God even while we’re in this place of separation. We have to go in and forgive God for abandoning us, forgive ourselves for thinking that God has abandoned us, and find a way to connect inside to the knowing that God is right here (at the seat of the soul) with us, even in this place of separation.

That’s why we have you go inward and upward, because God dwells in here (at the seat of the soul), not out in the world. Out in the world is where the world itself says, “Everything is to be found. If you’re hurting, if you’re lonely, if you’re abandoned, if you aren’t loved, look out here. It’s out here in somebody else, and if you can find that other person then you’re going to feel whole.” But in truth, it’s not out there. That’s just more separation of ourselves. We’re putting ourselves out there and separating ourselves from ourselves. What we want to do is bring all of our attention inward and go here (at the seat of the soul) to God and recognize the Love that God has for us. The day that we really truly experience God’s Loving in our meditation we will no longer feel abandoned. We will know that God Loves us, that God never abandoned us, and we are Loved right now and God is receiving our loving. That’s why I ask that in every meditation, the focus is about loving God and opening to receive God’s Loving. Because until you have connected to that, you’ve connected to nothing. Until you’ve connected to that, the answers to all the loneliness, all the longing, all the separation, all the abandonment, all the anger, all the frustration of having to be in this world and go through all the struggles, and the angst, and the pain, and the anger and the fear, it’s answered only inside in loving God and in the knowing that God Loves us. There is no other answer in the world, and there is no other answer in all of creation. It’s only connecting to God’s Loving that will make the difference.

That’s why I emphasize that over and over and over, because I know once you truly know that God Loves you, then there is no other question and there is no other answer. Then it’s just a matter of “keep going back into the meditation and merging into the Loving more and more and more to where you begin to live that Loving more all the time”. When you feel separated you know right where to go to connect to it and be in that Loving, and to take that with you in the day. Then you are not looking out there for all the love, “Do you love me? Do you love me?”

Even if somebody does come up and say, “I love you”, it’s not going to be enough. It’s not going to be the love that you’re longing for. They can say, “I love you! Don’t you get it? I love you! I do all these things for you, I love you!” And you’re thinking, “But it doesn’t answer it! I need to go find somebody else who can love me the right way. You’re not loving me the right way.” Nobody will ever love you the right way until you’ve been Loved once again by God. Once you know God’s Loving, that’s the right way, and then everything else comes quiet. You don’t need that out there in the world. You can choose to participate with that in the world and that’s fine, but you don’t need it and you don’t have to waste all this energy and this time running around all over the place trying to find that which loves you so that you feel loved.

You’ve got to go in and find the Love of your own soul and merge into that Loving of your own soul. Then open and allow God’s Loving in so that you and God experience the union, the Loving once again, the continual movement of Loving, the giving and receiving all the time, as best you can. Then there is no loss, there is no desire, there is no need, there is no want, there is no longing in the world. There is just quiet, peace, harmony, and you go forward and do your day. While you’re in the body you’ve got to do the day. You can hide, or you can go out and participate. I would say, “Go out and participate. Be active in your life. Do things. Fulfill whatever other lessons there are to fulfill and get them complete, so that when you do leave here, you leave here and you’re complete”. You know where you’re going because you’re just going on into the Loving of God, and with God, and God Loving you the way you’ve been doing in your meditation. You just move into that giving and receiving more and more as you go up, until finally, in the Soul Realm and beyond, you just merge into that Oneness, which is pure Loving.

Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~ Listen to THE ACTION OF GIVING AND RECEIVING meditation and talks and listen to the guided meditation: A SACRED PLACE and Journal your meditation experiences.

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