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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.



Monthly Focus~

So be aware when you go into meditation, do it with the focus of awakening into God, of knowing God, of living in the Divine flow of God’s Loving. Make that your goal. Make that your motivation to sit down and meditate. -Jim Gordon

It’s that transcendence of the survival mode that begins to really change or transform our consciousness, and we have to look higher for that to happen. That’s why we always come back to God and Spirit and meditation and really learning and awakening to our true self, the Soul, the Divine spark. -Brian Yeakey

Full Excerpt ~

Jim Gordon

I want you to know who you are as I know who you are. I want you to know the loving that you are and the loving that is in you that can manifest and create any and all things, just by the Loving. What you really want is in Spirit. What you really want is in your soul.  What you really want, and what you long for and cry out for and crave, is God’s Loving. Why not do what God has said, seek first God, and all else shall be given unto you.” Seek first God.  Wake up and know God. Make God first in all things and your life will be transformed. I know it. I have seen it happen over and over and over. Unfortunately, it’s too few a times I really get to witness it. But I do get to see it.

And the good news is: you are, if you are initiated, you are going to wake up. You are going to wake up and know what I’m talking about and you will understand fully, and maybe even more so than me, what and who you are. Do it now!  Spend time every day, spend time loving God and letting God Love you. Don’t go and beg God for this and that; complain to God about this and that; feel unworthy and that you have to make yourself worthy for God’s Loving. Don’t do anything other than just be in the Loving with God, and let God be in the Loving with you. And you may have experienced it from time to time in your meditation, but why not bring it out into your daily life and let yourself live in it more and more all the time.

God is ever-present, God is everywhere. Everything that we see in this world is made up of God’s Loving. And all we have to do is be aware of that and love it all and life does transform. And we can transform even the most inanimate objects by bringing awareness into it that it is God’s presence. You’d be so surprised!  But that’s a whole other conversation.

Everyone was in awe of Jesus when He did what He did.  Everyone has been in awe of all the teachers of the Path of Sound and Light when they have done what they’ve done. What the people did not realize is that there was nothing different about the Teacher. The Teacher wasn’t doing something special, wasn’t doing magic, wasn’t doing anything other than what we all can do. We can transform our life and the life around us to serve us, to assist us, in our journey back to God. But we have to allow ourselves to move into that action and allow God in us to manifest in that action.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all else shall be given unto you. And I’m not going to tell you what all else is because that’s for the God in you to reveal. But believe me it will be abundant, it will be glorious, it will be joyful, it will be peaceful, it will be so many things. I bet if you wrote out a list of all that you want right now, you may not check all of that off, but you will find that you won’t want a lot of those things that you have on the list once you begin to move into the Divine flow. And that, really and truly, the new list that is placed before you will be exactly who you are and exactly what you want and will bring you into the greatest of fulfillment.

Would you rather have all the money in the world in your name or would you rather have that which is truly God Loving you and you loving God ever flowing and manifesting, and you living in the awareness of that and knowing that? That’s real wealth, that’s real value, that’s the only thing that exists, the only thing. And that you can take with you. You can’t take anything of this creation with you. I can guarantee that.

So be aware when you go into meditation, do it with the focus of awakening into God, of knowing God, of living in the Divine flow of God’s Loving. Make that your goal.  Make that your motivation to sit down and meditate. I mean, why do you sit down and meditate? Why? What is it that stirs you to sit you down and hold your focus wherever you hold it? I don’t know, that’s up to you to look and see. But what stirs you to really sit down? It’s a longing, you’re longing for something, you’re longing for the answer, you’re longing for the Loving, you’re longing for something that you don’t have and you’re hoping to find it in your meditation. Well, believe me, you will. You’ll find that and so much more. But it’s found first by going to God, waking up into God, knowing God, living in that Divine flow of Loving, and then everything else does truly just unfold, and open, and you live in the abundance that is God’s Loving.

Brian Yeakey

Maybe it’s something that we can all do over the summer is just begin to look at whatever segment of life, whether it’s the last twenty one years, like I’m reviewing myself, or whether it’s your last year, your last ten years or your whole life, whatever that may be, to really begin to look. Because in that it gives us the opportunity to really extract or learn those lessons, and it’s that learning that really fulfills the soul. And as the soul gets fulfilled, well all those things we’re seeking in the world: happiness, joy, satisfaction, success, whatever that is we’re seeking in the world, when the soul gets fulfilled is when we’re going to begin to experience more of that which we think we’re seeking in the world.

Because in truth we are seeking God, but we’re doing it through a down and out focus in the world, trying to have the experiences in this physical creation that we think are going to bring us happiness and joy and fulfillment, not really knowing or understanding that in moving through life experience it’s that as the soul learns and grows, that as the soul awakens, that’s the real fulfillment. And as the soul is fulfilled, it’s reflected through our consciousness into this creation where we can call it happiness, contentment, peace, joy, whatever that is we’re seeking on those levels through the physical experiences that we’re attempting to create in our lives physically.

That’s the funny thing in this. If you can realize that the spiritual journey we’re on here, even through our physical experience in seeking that fulfillment, is really a spiritual journey. Even if we call it something of the world that we’re looking for, that we’re trying to find in happiness and joy here. That even in that search in the world, it really is one of now the soul’s ever-unfolding journey of awakening and discovering and knowing it’s self; the truth of who we are. At times not even really realizing, until it is time to really begin the journey back in and up towards God, that as we do that journey that it does reflect into the world where we’re going to find that greater fulfillment of that which we’re seeking here.

And so it can help to understand that. But better than just understanding is to apply it and start to really make it a process for yourself where you engage yourself in your life. It’s so interesting now because a lot of things out in the media, there’s so much of this talked about; about living in the present, in the here and the now, and to really have a fulfilling or successful life.  It’s nice how they’re opening up the boundaries of what success means. That to have that successful life, regardless of how you define it, really is more that process of not only living in the moment but really engaging yourself, participating more fully in your life, rather than seeking to escape it.

It’s that seeking to escape that is that avoidance mechanism, the fight or the flight, that we will run as the animal nature that is always in protection and defense and survival mode. It’s that transcendence of the survival mode that begins to really change or transform our consciousness, and we have to look higher for that to happen. That’s why we always come back to God and Spirit and meditation and really learning and awakening to our true self, the Soul, the Divine sparkIt’s that journey as we begin to more consciously focus on that, that we begin to see then that our life experience physically then does become fulfilled.

Rather than life fulfills us, we fulfill life. Isn’t that interesting: we fulfill life, life doesn’t fulfill us. But it’s how we choose to engage in life, how we choose to perceive and experience life that either fulfills it or just extends it until we wake up and “get it”, understand the game, how it’s played here in this physical creation. And it’s that life fulfillment or the journey of the Soul that we’re all truly seeking. We just don’t understand it until we start to come across the pathway, like this, of Sound and Light.

Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~

  1. Do two and a half hours of daily meditation, and then listen to the talks titled: THE SCIENCE OF LEARNING AND LOVING by Jim Gordon & Brian Yeakey.
  2. Listen to the guided meditation by Jim Gordon from THE SCIENCE OF LEARNING AND LOVING
  3. Journal focus for this month ~ Journal your daily meditations and what you’re really learning and awakening to, to know your true self, the Soul, the Divine spark.

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