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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.



Monthly Focus~

Sacrifice the self in order to set the soul free.

Full Excerpt ~

Brian Yeakey

You know the story of Moses. He climbed Mount Sinai and there’s the burning bush. Well, the burning bush is the soul that is that essence of God of who we are. When we reach that, every single one of us will have that voice of God literally speak to us and we will also speak too. But climbing that mountain is the hardest part. That’s the part that takes work. That’s what we call the “going Home-work”. Once you get here (at the seat of the soul), and you’re at the top of the mountain though, you’ve done that work, well where do you go once you’re at the top of the mountain? What do you do then? Isn’t there a lot of sky and then a sun? Well, how do you get to that sun, and go through that sky? You need something to carry you. And that’s the greater journey, this Path of Sound and Light is about.

It’s our job, our responsibility, each of us individually to do the inner kingdom work, to learn our lessons, to bring ourselves to the top of the mountain. That’s where we talk, in here, a lot about L.A.F. (LAF) – Love, Accept, Forgive. Just like the first part of the meditation we did is all about filling ourselves with Loving, using forgiveness to help release, to come into acceptance and come to peace with those things that we’ve been in reaction with or attached to. And once we do that then we can now begin the journey. That’s why I did the meditation that way today so that you understand the simple process. But there is a process that we’ve got to participate in. Just like we participate in the world, we’re choosing to participate in the Spirit. But there’s a process there that’s important to understand and to learn how it works, and then begin to work it for yourself. So it’s a lot of what we call spiritual teaching.

So, once we can really move through that and get to the top of the mountain here (at the seat of the soul), that’s when we, within ourselves, will come to the realization, “there’s nothing more we can do ourselves”. That is the most humble place that we have to come to – that realization that at that point we are powerless to go any further on our own. That is the part that most pathways of self-realization do not understand because it is all about self. But it is good because the self has to do the work, has to come to that realization. But once we get to that point, that’s maybe the end of one journey where a lot of people think they’ve made it, no more to go, but in truth, it’s also now just the beginning of the next journey.

That phrase: Peace be still and know That I AM, the I AM THAT I AM, that burning bush, THAT, that is the flame of the Divine, well THAT, to know THAT, well that takes the greatest sacrifice of all sacrifices. Because in there, we have to be willing to truly now sacrifice the self in order to set the soul free.

Paths of self-realization, when they come to the self, they think they’ve made it not realizing that that self has to be sacrificed. Or what we like to say – because we’re not into sacrifice anymore. We’ve killed enough humans, and lambs and goats, and everything else. We’ve even killed enough food, you know, making all the offerings of food, so we sacrificed enough of all the outer. But we have to sacrifice that inner self that people call self-realized because it’s still just the ego process of the mind, and the emotions, and all that goes on in the imagination and the body. That’s the hardest part.

But the funny thing is, once you get to this place at the top of the mountain and you look up, and you see there’s a light greater than you, way beyond you, and you feel it’s warmth, when you think you’ve made it and you’ve gone all the way, you’ve accomplished everything, you’ve done it, enjoy it! Because it will last a moment or two. And then you’ll be disappointed because now what are you going to do?

This is the funny thing – you know how little kids are really curious, but then when they’ve done something enough they get bored? That’s how the soul is when the soul knows it’s done, what it needs to do. We don’t necessarily consciously know that through our mind, our emotions and our ego here. But the soul knows when it’s done with what it needed to do and experience in this world, this creation. It knows it’s time to look up. And when we look up, automatically, that Light of God is right there. That Light of God is always there.

Monthly Focus “going Home–work” ~

  1. Do two and a half hours of daily meditation, and then listen to the talk titled: TRANSCEND THE INNER MOUNTAIN by Brian Yeakey
  2. Listen to the guided meditation by Brian Yeakey from TRANSCEND THE INNER MOUNTAIN
  3. Journal focus for this month ~
    • Journal your daily meditations
    • Journal: How do you let go of the ego, daily? What are you Loving Accepting and Forgiving? What are you For–Giving up to God?

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