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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.



Monthly Focus~

Wake up to the One and True Self

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Jim Gordon

You have to make your way through that valley of shadows within yourself. The valley of shadows is right in here, through all the components of self: through the physical, sexual, through the imagination, through the emotions, through the mind, through the unconscious. We have to walk through that valley of shadows until we get to the seat of the soul, till we get here, above it all. And then we begin to truly awaken and take charge of our life, in a new way, in a new action. And it’s all done in Loving.

And it’s really quite beautiful when you get there. That’s why we sit up here and share with you that you might be able to enter into that kingdom for yourself, enter into that truth, live that truth, know the Loving of God in you and be that loving that you are. Because I know, I know who you are in the greatest truth – you are the Living Loving Essence of the Lord. I am the Living Loving Essence of the Lord. We all are. Everything that you see in this creation, which is an illusion, is yet the Living Loving Essence of the Lord. It’s all. There’s nothing that could exist without having that component, if you will.

But now it’s time for us to wake up. It’s time now for us to wake up, and let go of the illusion. Let go of the illusion that’s out here, but first you have to let go of the illusion that is in here. If you begin to break yourself free of those illusions that are inside of you, the illusion out here will reveal itself to you as for what it really is. And then you’ll find the true kingdom, the truth of who you are, and where you came from and where you’re going. And who you are is a Divine spark of God. And where you came from is from the very heart of God. And where you’re going is back to the very heart of God. That’s the journey, very short, sweet, simple, even though down here it seems like more than an eternity of time. It’s but just a moment. That’s the amazing thing when you get up there and you realize how short this trip has been.

So, maybe stop complaining so much, maybe stop griping so much, stop blaming so much and sit down and go inside and begin to walk through your valley of shadows. Yay, though I walk through the valley of shadows, I fear no evil. For thou art with me. Thou art with me. God is right here with you. God is not somewhere out there, God dwells right here as that Divine spark that is a part of your soul. Thou art with me.

Brian Yeakey

I like to say, words are more descriptive terms to realize that God, in truth, is a Loving Beingness. That is who we really are, all of us. We are one in the same in God, the HU, and in humanity. If we can really see it, participate, experience it more that way, and take off the religious theology, the politics around that, the belief systems that create all the separation, then we’re going to be in good territory. And we’re going to be in better relationship with one another, let alone within ourselves.

But ultimately that’s what it always comes back to; is that inner relationship with ourselves, again the selves and the self. It’s important to pay attention, even when you talk about yourself; which self you’re speaking of. The soul self is that, that is loving and neutral. The higher self is still part of the mind. The conscious self is still part of the lower mind, it gets into the emotions.  And that child self or the basic self is definitely physical and emotional in nature. Just look at little children and animals. The reason why we think animals are so unconditional in their natures is because they don’t have the mental faculty that now creates division, separation through judgment and fear.

But yet, of course, the pure emotional level often is in fear. If you look at the animal kingdom, it’s all based on fear. You know the chain of command or the food ladder: who eats who. So pay attention and be aware of where you are speaking from. Are you speaking from that place of fear out of that childlike self? Are you speaking from the place of fear of where you’re conscious and aware? Are you speaking from the place of fear from the higher self? Or are you speaking from that place of loving and truth from the soul, the only One and True Self?

Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~

  1. Do two and a half hours of daily meditation, and then listen to the talks titled: ONE PATH ONE GOD ONE LOVE by Jim Gordon & Brian Yeakey.
  2. Listen to the guided meditation by Brian Yeakey from ONE PATH ONE GOD ONE LOVE.
  3. Journal focus for this month ~
    • Journal your daily meditations
    • Journal about a life situation where you are aware that you speak* from the place of fear. And then journal how you can transform that into speaking* from the place of loving and truth from the soul.

*Speak or speaking refers to both how you speak to yourself internally as well as with others.

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