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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.



Monthly Focus ~

What do you do to serve yourself? How about forgiveness!

Full Excerpt ~

Brian Yeakey

The day you can love and accept or embrace the fear is the day the illusion of it, and that which has caused separation within you, dissolves and you now will realize you have never been in separation, you’ve always been in union with God, and that there really is nothing to fear. It truly was just an illusion and always has been. When you know that, believe me, you’ll live life differently and your experience of life will be different. And in that, you’ll also begin to discover, as I said, the natural order of things, the laws of the land. And there’s no reason not to honor and love and accept all of that.

If anything, the forgiveness part is just learning how to forgive yourself for having bought into and believing all of that which is the illusion or the lies. There’s a holiday theme or intention. How about forgiveness! Why not make forgiveness the true holiday cheer, the intention of the Holy days? Because it is through that forgiveness that we truly can open the doors.

So instead of asking God to protect you, or the angels or your guides, start practicing forgiveness with yourself. And I’ll tell you what, you’ll find that’s more powerful than any asking of any kind of protection. The next time you think you need to be protected, think about what I’m saying now and make a different choice. Begin to choose that Loving union of who you are with God, rather than thinking you’re separate from God and think you need to be protected. That just reinforces that false belief system. But rather begin to acknowledge and forgive yourself for all those old belief systems. Forgive yourself for all that which you think you need to protect and start affirming and acknowledging the truth – that you and God are One.

I and the Father are One. I and the Father and Mother are One. Use whatever words you want. I really don’t suggest making it polarity though. That’s why we want to talk about One God in Union with that. But that union of you, the soul, in its Oneness with God, the more you begin to acknowledge and accept that the more you’re going to awaken to the truth of that. And you’ll know what I’m talking about because as you do you’ll begin to experience those fears within you and those areas that have been in separation or feeling stuck, and the crossed wires, will begin to realign into that strait and narrow, no longer crossed. Isn’t that interesting – the cross. We’ve got the horizontal pathway of polarity and the vertical pathway of Spirit. That cross will begin to become parallel and then it merges into One. And that is what we’re doing here.

That which is the duality of separation, through this action of meditation, of loving, accepting, forgiving, merges into the Oneness where truly we live now in a state of union, not separation. Isn’t that interesting, even the praying hands. You put the hands together; it’s one – the two become one. All the symbology and all these different actions are there for a reason. And so, here, we try to provide an understanding so that you can take that understanding and begin to work it inside of yourself to gain the benefit and the value that is there for you. But that’s up to you to do that. It doesn’t matter what we or anybody says. It’s what do you do with the information inside of yourself? If you just think, “Wow this is Sunday, I’m going to church and listening to a sermon,” and then you walk out of here and do nothing, it hasn’t really served you.

What do you do to serve yourself? Because before you can serve anybody else, you really need to first serve you. And in serving yourself first is where you are going to now gain not only the benefit of that but truly the experience. Because the more you can experience, the more you are going to live that which will be in your consciousness, who you are. This is about you. It’s true what they say, “It’s all about you. I mean, all about me”. It’s all about me and you, AniHu. That’s what that is. Because first, you have to come into union with yourself before you can now move into union with God. That polarity of where the two become one, the uncrossing of the wires, is where you come into union with yourself where the polarities within you, the male-female, are harmonized. And in that balance is that place of honoring and loving that then frees you now to go on the greater journey of the soul now moving into union with God.

Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~

  1. o two and a half hours of daily meditation, and then listen to the talk titled: FORGIVENESS IS THE TRUE GIFT TO THE SOUL by Brian Yeakey
  2. Listen to the guided meditation by Brian Yeakey from FORGIVENESS IS THE TRUE GIFT TO THE SOUL
  3. Journal focus for this month ~
    1. Journal your daily meditations

*Hint (b): the answer is in the second paragraph in bold…now how are you going to do that inside yourself?

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