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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.

September 2016 — Austin Class: Sacred Action of the Spiritual Teacher

By Jim Gordon

Monthly Focus~

The truth of Loving is found in Spirit, is found in our own soul.

Full Excerpt~

Well, you know for me, the journey began when I was very very young, and really it all began for each of us when we were very young. If you look back at your own life, I would suspect you would see that when you were a child there was a part of you that really longed for God, or missed God, or wondered why God put you here, in separation from Him. Maybe some of you longed to be of service to God, to do good in the world, to do God’s work. Many of us, when we were young, were very much in touch with our true spiritual truth, our true spiritual self. I know for me that was the case. I was very aware, very in touch with that flow of Spirit in myself, and in all of creation. I remember calling out to God so many times when I was very young, until, when I had what I would call my spiritual awakening at the age of five; where I truly came awake to God in me and God in all things, and I’ve been very blessed to be able to keep that awareness alive in me ever since then.

For many people, they have the longing and the sense of God’s presence, and the connection to God when they were children, but as we get older, often times, our karmas, the unlearned lessons, and the world pulls us outside of ourselves, and we get caught up in that down and outward focus rather than the inward and upward. We lose sight, we forget what we really were truly longing for: for God’s Love, for God’s peace, for God’s joy, for our own soul to really have the experience once again of union with God and to live more in that Oneness daily.

That’s really what this pathway is about – it’s about reawakening that which we knew so long ago, and which the soul so longs for, and what you have been searching for all your life, as a child, as a teenager, and as an adult. The one thing you’re looking for, for sure, is love. You’re looking to be loved, you’re looking to be able to love, but it’s not found in the world. It truly is not found in the world. Yes, there is a sense of love in the world that we can connect with, and be in, and be involved in, but the true Loving, the truth of Loving, is found in Spirit, is found in our own soul. In order to do that, we have to truly let go of all that which is of our physical nature and wake up once again to our spiritual truth – our soul and our spiritual essence.

That’s what meditation is about. Meditation is about sitting down and going inside. A moment ago I talked about going down and out in the world and getting involved in it. Well, meditation is about letting go of the world and withdrawing our attention from that down and outward focus, and going inward and upward and focusing to that place where true Loving resides, where Spirit and the Soul resides within us, which is here at the seat of the soul. By holding our attention inward and upward to this place of Loving inside of ourselves, we can begin to truly wake up, and begin to have inner experience as well as outer experience of that Loving coming awake and alive in our lives and in our self. We can begin to see, and hear, and feel the movement of the Divine Loving inside of us that will begin to flow and lift us and fill us, if we allow it to, and then we begin to live more into the fulfillment, rather than in the longing. There’ll still be a longing but it’s a different longing, and it’s a wonderful fulfillment that we begin to live in. The longing that will be there for us is the longing, once again, for God that we might have had a feeling of when we were a child. I know I knew it, and I’ve talked to a number of people over the years: initiates, non-initiates, people who were interested in ILM, and people who weren’t interested in Spirit or inner journeys at all, but they would talk about their longing for God when they were a child.

That longing doesn’t stop. We just turn our attention away, down into the world, and forget about that longing, or we redefine that longing to be something in the world, rather than the truth of it, which is God. So, if you have that memory in your childhood of calling out to God, crying out to God, begging God, asking God, “Why? How? What?”…realize, that inside of you there’s still that spiritual being, that child of God, that soul that is longing to go Home – longing to return back from which you came, and that’s what this pathway is about.


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