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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.

July 2016 — Austin Class: Into The Soul Realm Through The Action Of The Holy Spirit

By Jim Gordon

Monthly Focus~

You are God in expression as you.

You are God in expression as you, and as becoming aware of that and living more and more into that as you begin to rise up in your loving with God and receiving God’s Loving.

Full Excerpt~

So how am I supposed to described to you the second, third and fourth levels of Soul? It’s about moving into Oneness; it’s about letting go more and more of this creation; it’s learning about how to truly live in the truth of who you are. You are Loving. You are Light and Sound. You are the grace of God. You are the joy of God. You are the peace of God. You are God in expression as you, and as becoming aware of that and living more and more into that as you begin to rise up in your loving with God and receiving God’s Loving. And it’s learning how to let go of all those elements of the self of the world, and the identity of the self in the world, and taking on the awareness and the knowing, and the beingness of who you are as soul. And it is learning how to be that peace, to be that centeredness, to be that joy, to be that stillness, to be that quiet that is you, the soul. And then how to bring that down with you as you return to the physical body once again, and begin to let it live here as it lives in Soul. And you can have that: you can have that peace; you can have that stillness; you can have that centeredness right here, right now, eyes open doing the day and going through the world, experiencing the world – but you experience it differently; you live it differently; you approach it differently because you approach it from that place of you, the soul, living on all levels of consciousness in your daily life. You live at peace, in joy, in centeredness, in Loving; and you live ever focused more on God than on the world; and that’s over time.

Stop and think when you got initiated, where were you? Not in the world, not in the chair in a room, but where were you inside yourself, and in this world? And where are you today? Is there more peace? Is there more light? Is there more joy? Is there more centeredness? Do you find that you can bring the Loving forward easier now; that you begin to understand the Loving and live that Loving that is you, the soul, than you did when you first got initiated? And is that a big difference? Do you have an appreciation for this life that you didn’t have before? Do you know what that longing is; of God longing you Home? What you used to think was your longing is actually God’s longing you Home. There’s a change; there’s a difference. Where you were when you were initiated and where you are today, even if it’s only days in difference between when you were initiated and today, or weeks, or months or years, you have changed. You have been transformed. You are not the person you were before initiation. You are different. And when you get to the Soul Realm the difference is even greater than anything that you might recognize as the change, as the difference from one to the other, that you’ve gone through so far.

When you begin to really go in and live into the Soul Realm itself, even while in the physical body, you go through a big transformation. Because you begin to find that which you’ve been looking for, and it’s not in the world, and it’s not the things of the world, it’s not family unity, it’s not anything of this world. It’s in you. You find yourself. You find your truth. You find you; the soul, and you begin to find that Loving that you have longed for for so long. “If somebody could just love me I could be in the Loving with myself, but nobody really loves me! They say, ‘Oh well I love you,’ but I don’t really feel it! I don’t really get it! It isn’t changing me! Come on, you’ve got to love me more, you’ve got to give me more.” Well, when you begin to wake up into your soul, you don’t care about all that anymore. You don’t look outside yourself to have the Loving, because you are the Loving that you’ve been longing for; you are the fulfillment, and you begin to live the Loving and be the fulfillment for yourself.

Listen to the talk titled, Into The Soul Realm Through The Action of The Holy Spirit.

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