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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.

October 2016 — Austin Class: Facing Our Fears in the Classroom of Life

By Brian Yeakey

Monthly Focus~

There’s truly nothing to fear.

Full Excerpt~

That’s all we have to do is just look up. Surrender and look up. Let go, let God; surrender and look up. That’s it.

Actually when you’re looking up, it’s easy to surrender. Because when you’re looking up you’re already in a place of vulnerability and openness so these things can’t affect you. Even when they come at you, when they hit your energy field they just—pfft—dissolve, disappear. Because they can have no effect when you’re really living the Loving and looking into the Loving. So when I say “look up,” I mean in and up, spiritually. Not look up like I’m doing at the ceiling, here. Unless the light of God is out there.

The light of God is in here (at to seat of the soul). You’ve got to look in to that inner light, because that’s where your source of Loving, your power, your creativity, that essence of God that you are is. You stay focused into that. You practice this meditation we’re sharing here in ILM, and you are going to be liberated. You have the Sacred Name anchored in you; you’re going to get liberated. And you’re going to get liberated faster if you meditate and really do the inner work. Otherwise it’s just going to take a little more time, but you’re still going to get liberated. Because you wouldn’t have asked for initiation and had that Grace anchored in your consciousness unless there’s a part of you that was really ready to become liberated.

And then, it’s just the journey.

It does not matter what your fears, your concerns, your worries, or issues are whatsoever. It’s all the same. And the way through it all, to fulfill it all, is truly all through the Loving. And it really does take the action of meditation, because that’s where we go to the Loving and allow the Loving to go and move into us. It’s the only way.

There’s really not any other way. Loving is Loving. And Loving works a certain way. And so the only way to do Loving is the way Loving works. And so we just have to discover what that is, and then it works. And then it will handle all this other fear and darkness, and games and karmas, and all the other fun stuff we talk about that everybody hates.

So start looking at these things in your life. What are the fears running you? What are the judgments you have that you’re letting run you? Is it the sex and the lust? Is it the violence, the pain? Is it desire and expectations? What is it you’re running? Even though it seems like it’s running you—well, it is running you because you’ve been running it long enough it now has the power. So all we have to do is redirect ourselves.

The more you start loving God inside, all that power you’ve given to all these things in the world…Every time you meditate you’re actually withdrawing that power out of these things that you’ve created down here in the darkness. And eventually all that power of your loving and creativity, the more and more you bring it up here to the soul, eventually the soul becomes fully awake and then that which is of the world is fully dead, back into the darkness, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. So all that, that is of the world, is restored in the world. You’re done with it, and all of you that is of Spirit is restored in Spirit, and it’s done. It’s complete. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re just letting go of the world, and now letting God.

Meditate. Meditate every day. Several times a day, all day long if you want. But definitely give some devoted time, whether it’s half an hour, or the two-and-a-half hours that we ask. Give some time, because every bit you do, you’re restoring your soul and awakening and taking all that, that you’ve empowered here, and now giving it back to yourself and letting that just die off. And you’ll find—all these darkness and dark forces and fears and judgments—you’re going to find they really are illusions. Because as soon as you bring that Loving back to yourself, they just disappear and drop away. It’s amazing when you witness these things on the inner levels. That’s what happens.

So really do yourself a favor. Really do the meditation and know the meditation really is all about Loving and God’s grace. And all the rest will happen as you do that. And I’m sure you’ll probably have a few fun journeys like I shared today. But hopefully in sharing this it helps give you a better idea so that if you do have that experience, you know you can just surrender and let it go and you’ll be okay. There’s truly nothing to fear. The fear tries to put you in fear because then it has you. But if you can just be loving and neutral, it can’t get you. It’ll go away or it’ll dissolve. If it wasn’t your fear, there’s an agent of fear, and it’ll just go away. But if it was a fear you created, it will dissolve. Either way it leaves you, and the light of your Loving is restored. That’s Soul Liberation. That’s the Soul now becoming one with God.


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