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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.

August 2016 — Austin Class: Choose God First

By Brian Yeakey

Monthly Focus~

One Pointed Focus

“One point. Choose that, and your life will change. You’ll begin to have a different experience, and you’ll begin to approach life from that one point of Loving, and then it gets pretty interesting.”

Full Excerpt~

We’re very simple here, in ILM. We talk about meditation, LAF, and taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Very simple. Look at the LAF: three simple things. Loving as meditation. Accepting is accepting responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions and then Forgiveness is really what we’re doing a lot with the LAF workbook and LAF. Three simple actions. Three simple actions! It’s as simple as forgiving, which is letting go. When we let go we can accept responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions, and then we can be in the Loving; and the first action is truly Loving God. But guess what? In order to let God’s Loving in, we also need to love ourselves. That self love – we have to open the door to let God’s Loving in, and that’s what that’s about.

I like last Sunday, we had a LAF workshop Kelsie and I were facilitating, and it’s really nice in Kelsie’s sharing. You hear us talking about accepting responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions all the time, but it’s nice in her sharing she said, “what about accepting responsibility for God’s Loving.” Accepting responsibility for God’s Loving. That’s a good one. Because when we can really accept responsibility for God’s Loving, believe me, we’re going to have done the work of accepting responsibility for our own thoughts, and feelings, and actions and reactions. That’s what it really comes down to. I know so many of us struggle with our thoughts, and feelings, and actions and reactions, but an easy way to let go of the struggle is just to begin to accept responsibility for God’s Loving. When we can accept the Loving, that’s what transforms the consciousness, just like I’ve been talking about. Accepting the Loving is the only true way to transform our consciousness. When we can accept the Loving, all this other we talk about of accepting and forgiving will take place. Loving is really the only action there is, and that we’re doing. The accepting, forgiving, and all these other aspects or actions are simply expressions of the Loving. They’re just other keys, or doorways, by which we can access the Loving. That’s what it always comes back to, is just the Loving. So it doesn’t matter how we approach it or how we access it. All that matters is that we do, that we do access the Loving, that we do approach the Loving; that’s what matters.

You’ve heard me share, in here, it makes a difference how we approach God or how we approach the altar. In other words, all of our beliefs, all of our attitudes, all those things inside of us that we hold – how we approach that alter of God is what’s going to be reflected back to us. If we approach God with judgment and fear, we’re going to get judgement and fear reflected back to us. But that’s not God’s doing, that’s the Lord of Reflection reflecting back to us our judgment and fear. But if we approach with Loving – if we approach with Loving, and acceptance, and forgiveness, well not only will that be reflected back to us through the mirror of reflection of this creation, but also we will have direct access into that Divine Creator itself, because Loving’s not a reflective process. Loving is a direct experience. A direct experience is what Loving is. Loving and that direct experience is what pierces the mirror, what cuts through that reflective quality of time and space. That’s all that Lucifer is; the Devil, Kal Niranjan, Satan, are really just different names of that consciousness of reflection that time and space is. So ultimately, we want to cut through the reflection. But the reflection can be a good indicator of what’s running inside of us.

So see how you approach life. That mirror of consciousness is going to reflect back to you your own inner attitudes and ways of being. It’s going to reflect it back to you. But if you’re really approaching it truly with Loving, and accepting, and forgiving, well then you’re going to have the direct experience of that Loving, as well as the reflection that goes with it. Remember that. Let this world of reflection serve you, rather than you serving it. This creation can serve you if you approach it that way. Look at this world as a classroom, as a mirror, to reflect back to you how you’re living, what belief systems you’re carrying, how you’re approaching life. Use that; that’s valuable information, that’s valuable feedback. It lets you know if you’re on course or off course with the Loving. If it’s reflecting back pain, and disturbance, and separation well then utilize that information. Utilize it to say, “Okay, I’m in pain and separation. That’s what’s being reflected back. That’s my experience. So how can I change that?” Well that’s what the tools are that we give: refocus, come right up here to the seat of the soul, that one point, choosing God. That one point is that point of God, the God particle. One point. Choose that, and your life will change. You’ll begin to have a different experience, and you’ll begin to approach life from that one point of Loving, and then it gets pretty interesting. Then even what’s reflected back to you can be fun and enjoyable while you’re here, in this physical creation. And when you leave this physical creation, then, as you focus into the one point, well that one point is just a door that opens to that Divine Current of Loving that the soul travels upon through every single realm, all the way into the Heart of God. Most people don’t realize that, but all of you here, that are watching and listening, you know that now. You know that; one door, one point. This is your access point (at the seat of the soul). You have the keys; those Sacred Names are the keys that open this door, and then all the other doors through all the other realms; the astral, the causal, the mental, the etheric, and into the Soul Realm. Those keys open the doors and through those doors is a pathway. If you were to step out of body, and some of you witnesses this, that purple light we talk about, you will see it winding through all these other realms that we talk about. That’s the Path of Light and Sound. That’s the Path of Loving. That’s the Sound Current. That’s the Radiant Form of the Holy Spirit or the Spiritual Teacher in Truth, that we share about here, in ILM. All you have to do is step into that; follow it, let it carry you, let it lift you, let it bring you Home because you made that choice of simply choosing God. And as you choose God, automatically you’re making the choice of letting go; letting go of all your other attachments no matter what they are. But don’t be afraid of letting go. The fear will try to trick you, and try to make you afraid so that you hang on to your physical experience here. You’ve got to be willing to let go and surrender. If you’re willing to do that – here’s the funny thing, everybody’s afraid of losing everything if they let go. The truth of the matter is, when you truly let go, you gain everything. You gain everything. Think about this. In our limited choices where we’re hanging on we get this much, just this little bit we’re hanging on to, we’ve only got two hands, after all. We only get that much, that we can hang on to. When we choose to let go – well when we hang on, it’s like blinders, all we see is this little bit, right in front of us. When we let go, “Oh wow!” A whole new world opens up. No more blinders.

Remember God created all things. God is in everything. When we let go and wake up to our Oneness with God, well then we are One with all things, so we gain everything. There’s no losing anything, other than your attachment that has been limiting you in this physical creation. That’s all. So God bless, and always remember just to make that one choice; choose God.

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