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The monthly focus is a written excerpt taken from one of Jim and Brian’s talks, with a link to listen to the entire talk. In holding to a one-pointed focus on Spirit, each month we post a new written excerpt by either Jim or Brian. The worldwide monthly focus on Spirit helps us collectively deepen our understanding of God.

May 2016 — Answer The Call

By Jim Gordon

Monthly Focus~

“Be still,” God says, “Be still, and know that I Am God.”

Full Excerpt~

We each have to discover why we’re going to meditate – “Why do I want to meditate? What is that inside of me that’s pulling me, that’s pushing me, that’s calling me to sit down and do this rather than something else in the world?” Because really, when you’re in meditation, if you’re doing it right, you’re not doing the world. You’re not focused on the world, you’re not fulfilling anything in the world, you’ve left the world behind. And the key is, as you leave the world behind, what are you moving into? What is your focus, your intention, your direction?

We say “Inward and upward”. We say, “Focus on God first and God only”, and “Share your loving with God and open to receive God’s Loving”.

That’s the action of this meditation – PERIOD.

And we give you both a spoken Name of God, the Hu and the Ani-Hu, and we give you the unspoken Name of God, which is given in initiation for you to focus on to assist you in letting go of the world for a moment and really going higher within. And that’s the meditation practice.

The meditation is not about going inside and asking of God things, being in prayer, begging of God for yourself or for others. The meditation is about you letting go of the world and all those concerns and fears and problems that are in the world; that are about you being in the world and just giving time to come to that place of quiet and peace inside.

“Be still,” God says, “Be still, and know that I Am God.”

So, it’s coming into the stillness, and the easiest way to get to stillness is to give your mind something to focus on in that action of moving into stillness. Focusing on the Hu, focusing on the Ani-Hu, focusing on the Sacred Name is that way, is that point of the focus to hold to – to allow yourself to still the emotions, to still the mind, to still the body. They will never really become fully still, but the key behind it all is, is that you can rise above it so that you are in the stillness, that is in Spirit. The body, the mind, the emotions – they will never be still. The moment you look down and give them attention it’s like, “Okay, now what about this?” It’s going on and on and on, trying to get your attention, trying to grab a hold of you and keep you here.

But the meditation will begin to lift you above all that. The more focus you give, the more attention and awareness you give to the inner practice of going inward and upward, the more you’re gonna find that you really will lift up, up, up above all that which is of this world and all of your body consciousness to really begin to be free, and to be in the stillness.

“Be still and know that I am God.” That’s where you begin to really truly experience that movement of Loving and giving Loving to God and giving Loving to yourself, because you are God – that soul that is you, that you’re going to wake up into the knowing of – that is God. So, you are loving you the Soul, and the Soul is Loving you; And you are loving God, and God is Loving you. And that’s what you begin to enter into in your meditation. It’s a very simple practice, it’s a very simple action, and it’s a wonderful wonderful way to live your life, because eventually, if not right away, you’re going to begin to realize that you don’t have to just live this action of Loving in your meditation – you can live this action of loving throughout your day! All you have to do is look up. Look up and there’s the Loving; look up and there’s the Light. Look up, and there’s the Sound. Look up and there is God.

Monthly Focus “going Home work” ~

  1. Listen to the talk titled, ANSWER THE CALL.


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