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Returning Back Into Spirit by Brian Yeakey


Available as CD or Downloadable Audio File.

“The Divine Plan is simply to awaken. It’s not about overcoming evil or the bad of the world; it is simply to awaken to the Loving within your self. And, as you awaken to that Loving within your self, you will awaken to the Loving in all things, in all creation, and beyond creation itself. The greater purity of Loving that is beyond manifestation, beyond creation, beyond the realm of time and space — that is the greater journey that we begin to experience and move into. And once we awaken beyond this realm of illusion, once we awaken into Soul Consciousness, into the knowing of who we are as Soul, then we begin a new journey … a journey into the Divine, even beyond Soul. That’s what is called Soul Transcendence — an awakening to the realms of Spirit, awakening to the fullness of God directly. That journey begins after the journey of awakening to Soul. This journey into the Divine is the greater journey that we are really after in this process. As we go through the experience of the world, of the body, the mind, and the emotions, it is the greater journey in Spirit that we truly seek and which is the greatest experience of all.”

–Brian Yeakey


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