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Our Right Relationship with God by Jim Gordon


Available as CD or Downloadable Audio File.

“God has found so much joy in being, that he wants to share the joy of being by giving us the opportunity of experiencing that ourselves.

“But how often do we stop and really look at what the ‘joy of being’ is all about? How often do we really take time in our day to stop and just look and see the joy, the beauty, the love, and the opportunity that is present in our lives?

“It is said, ‘If we can become like a child again, we can enter into the kingdom of heaven.’ Well, maybe we ought to start looking at that. Maybe we should start looking at how to stop in the moment of life and find that childlike nature inside of us once again, and begin to acknowledge it, if nothing else. And in that acknowledgement we’ll begin to see with the eyes of the child— that is each of usw — that joy, that enthusiasm, that love, that participation in life.”

–Jim Gordon


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