Ani Hu

Meditation & Ani Hu Chant by Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey


Available as CD or Downloadable Audio File.

“Meditation is all about inner focus. By closing the eyes it is simply a way of letting go of our outer focus. As it has always been taught … to really wake up and know God we must go within. The place where we focus inwardly is a place we call the “seat of the soul” or the “spiritual eye center.” The physical reference point is between the eyes, above the eyebrows, and in the center at the top of the head. This is the place in which the soul, the spiritual essence of God that we are, enters into and leaves this physical consciousness.

“We want to focus at the spiritual eye center, let go of the physical focus, and go into that spiritual essence of who we are. The “into” that we talk about is going into the Spirit. So, begin to have an intention of moving your loving, your awareness, your consciousness, all into God, and into Spirit.

–Brian Yeakey


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