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Lord Make Me Worthy & The Master in Your Heart by Jim Gordon


Available as CD or Downloadable Audio File.

“It’s just that simple. It’s just that easy to go deep inside of yourself and touch the doorway to your Soul. It’s almost too easy. It’s almost too simple. The trick is you’ve got to do it daily. If you really want it to be effective in your life you have to do it daily! That’s the only way the Soul can then align itself with you and begin to function in this life, and begin to bring you to a point of upliftment where you’re liberated and then, there’s no need to return to these realms of life. It’s up to you. You can read a book, you can go to lectures, you can do a lot of things, but until you stop and sit and go within, it’s not going to mean a whole lot. That’s the way to find God. God is there waiting to give to you in an unconditional manner, but you’ve got to ‘go in’ unconditionally and open up to His love in order to share in it.”

–Jim Gordon

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