Keep It Simple Soul by Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey


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“In truth we’ve always been one with God, and have never been in separation. All we did was turn away. In looking away from God and looking down and out into this creation here, we followed that movement of consciousness and have been just experiencing the looking away.”

“What we are doing in meditation is turning back towards God, and that’s our experience now. The practice of meditation and LAF is all about letting go of our down and out focus in this world and simply focusing back towards God. That’s the simplicity of this path. So keep it simple.”

“This path is also very practical, and when we live that practicality in that way, then the magic happens. Our lives begin to change, which can be quite amazing and awesome. And, the things we can experience on the other levels of consciousness are just extraordinary … to this world. In Spirit, it’s all very ordinary, but to this world, it’s extraordinary.”

–Brian Yeakey

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