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While Inner Light Ministries does not actively solicit donations, individuals who would like to contribute are most welcome. Your contribution will help to further the work ILM does in the community.

ILM is a 501(c)(3) non profit ecclesiastical organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

If you would like to contribute to ILM, please fill out the form on this page by choosing a contribution amount and be sure to specify whether the contribution should be designated for the General Fund, the Scholarship Fund, or Coins for Kids.

Your contributions help us support:

  1. General Fund–  ILM events, production of materials and books, as well as the website.
  2. Scholarship Fund–  Scholarships toward supporting member taking ILM retreats and workshops.
  3. Coins for Kids–  ILM’s Holiday Project: Coins for Kids Austin and Fort Wayne

Contributions are gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated.

You may also send your contribution to the following address:
Inner Light Ministries
Attn: Financial Office
2121 Lohman’s Crossing Road
Suite 504-303
Austin, TX 78734

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If this Contribution is for a scholarship or an event, please provide additional details on whom it is for or the event name.

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