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The Feminine Aspect of God and The Feminine Trinity by Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey


Available Only as a Downloadable Audio File.

Excerpt from The Feminine Aspect of God:

I invite you to begin looking at this feminine aspect of the Spirit of who you are, where that place of vulnerability really does reside in you, and make yourself vulnerable to the Loving Spirit that you are, that divine aspect, the spark of God that resides in your very being right now, at the seat of the soul, and allow that to begin to awaken in you.

– Jim Gordon

Excerpt from The Feminine Trinity:

In looking at this Trinity now, we have the masculine side of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and we have the feminine side of the Mother, the Daughter, and the Holy Spirit. You put those two together and what do you have? You have wholeness, and holiness, and sacredness, and you have your self, and you have a body restored. And in that, then you have the spiritual family that you are a member of – you are a part of this spiritual family of Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter, and Holy Spirit.

– Jim Gordon




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