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Enter Into the Journey of Loving by Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey


Available as CD or Downloadable Audio File.

“What we are coming awake and alive to in our meditation is that essence of Loving, that longing to go Home. It is that which is God within us calling us Home. When we begin to sense that, we will then know the direction to go in our meditation. We will see it, we will feel it, we will hear it, we will know it on those inner levels. And that will give us the direction that we’re going to go … and that is inward, to go in-and-up. We let our awareness first rest at the seat of the soul, and let that essence of the soul, which has been trapped in the physical-material-psychic worlds for so long, begin to draw itself at the seat of the soul — then, we look up inside. We look up, and we go inward and upward.

“And then, in that inward-and-upward state, eventually we will find ourselves truly being drawn to look upward into that next part of our journey. And that is the direction that will begin to take us into that Divine Flow of Loving where the soul begins its journey back Home to the Heart of God.”

–Jim Gordon


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