Action of the Radiant Form by Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey


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“God’s Loving moves and works through the soul of one who is awakened; that Loving, from the very heart of God, is expressed in every realm clear through to the physical.  It is in this expression, in this movement of Spirit, that the Radiant Form works within each of us to awaken us and to bring us back into that state of Oneness.

“We see that Oneness inwardly in the Radiant Form of the spiritual teacher; through that inward relationship with the Radiant Form, we begin to open to receive, to experience, and to come to know what that essence of Loving is, what that true Oneness of God is.  That experience awakens us, gives us direction, shows us the way, and brings us along in our personal journey.

“So take the time to really develop that inner relationship with the Radiant Form of the spiritual teacher, the Light and the Sound, and the Loving.

–Brian Yeakey

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