Welcome To Podcast Help!

Audio Talks from 2004-2016 can now be streamed from the Internet or downloaded to your computer and played in iTunes. We have added a new technology to ILM called Podcast. Podcast allows you to play and download all the ILM talks to your phone or tablet. We have all the talks on the iTunes store for your iPhone and iPad. We also have the talks on the Sticher Radio Site for your android phone and tablet.

By subscribing to the four ILM Podcasts, you can listen to all the talks on your mobile device without needing to download them to your computer first.
If you’re brand new to Podcasts, Apple makes it easy to discover and subscribe to shows. It works just like iBooks where you can search and subscribe to new shows. It also has a library where all your downloaded shows are available for easy viewing and listening.

The ILM Podcast is a series of audio talks that are referrend to as “shows”. Each show has three episodes that are broken up into three parts: the meditation, Brian’s talk, and Jim’s talk. Click on the “Podcast Help” videos to get further information and instructions on how to use the Podcast.

How to Subscribe to Current Podcast From Your Computer and the ILM Website

How to Subscribe to All Three Podcast Form iTunes From Your Computer

How to Subscribe to All Three Podcast From Your Phone Using iTunes