To simplify things for our users, from this page you can either Stream or Download the content to your computer. Each of the download links below are MP3 formatted files for the Meditation, Brian’s Talk, and Jim’s Talk. This format is compatible with iTunes, and the more recent Windows Media Player and Real Time Player for Windows. If you want to download the file to your iPad or iPhone, we have created a Podcast feed titled: “Inner Light Ministries – A Path of Sound and Light.” Go to the iTunes Store and in the Podcast section you can subscribe to the ILM feed. There is a built in Podcast App on your iOS device that will allow you to listen to the downloaded Inner Light Ministries talks. For more information on the Podcast app for iOS: Managing subscriptions Click Here. If you are having trouble hearing the audio, first try plugging in your headphones and if that doesn’t work then click on the audio problems link.

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