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2009/03/01 — JIM GORDON | TALK (3)

Post Series: 2009/03/01 INTRODUCTION TO ILM

Jim Gordon & Brian Yeakey

Jim Gordon is President and Founder of Inner Light Ministries. Jim has served as ILM’s spiritual teacher for many years, and as an anchor point for sharing the Path of Sound and Light through ILM, his teachings have created the foundation of ILM’s focus in the world. He now supports Brian Yeakey as the spiritual teacher for ILM.

Brian Yeakey is the Vice President and Spiritual Director of Inner Light Ministries and an ordained ILM minister. As successor to Jim Gordon, Brian serves as ILM’s Spiritual Teacher, sharing the Path of Sound and Light and initiating people into the meditation practice with the Sacred Name of God. As the Spiritual Director, Brian is responsible for ILM’s overall Mission and Purpose, as well as overseeing ILM’s Ministerial Program.

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