Welcome to the “Video Streaming” section of the ILM website.

Make sure you are in Safari or Chrome to watch these videos. They do not work in FireFox.

In 2015 we began a live stream of each of the monthly classes Jim Gordon and Brian Yeakey facilitate in Austin, Texas. Each of these classes was recorded and edited. You can access them by selecting the year and then selecting the class in the left navigation area. Once the class is selected you can select one of the “streaming-on-demand” sections of the class.

The videos have been formatted so they are suitable for viewing on a computer, tablet or mobile device. We are using new technology to provide these worldwide. The video will automatically adjust the picture depending on the bandwidth and connection type you have available. We hope you enjoy these amazing talks!

We are still adding some of the videos from the second half of 2015. Thank you for your patience and we hope to have them up soon!